Chalet 167 for Sale Clarach Bay Aberystwyth Mid Wales

Chalet 167 for Sale Clarach Bay Aberystwyth Mid Wales

Chalet 167 Clarach Bay for Sale

Welcome to Awelon Holidays at Clarach Bay Holiday Village Mid Wales

Beautiful 4 berth Holiday Chalet for sale

Price £14,950

There is transfer fee of £2,000 which is included in the price

Please click on the box below to see full chalet details or watch the video below

Clarach Bay


New for 2012
Modern wood-effect easy-clean flooring throughout



Sited on Clarach Bay Holiday Village nr Aberystwyth Mid Wales

Private car parking space to the side of the chalet

This Chalet has its own web page and contact form already set up on this site ready for subletting just click more details button to see the web page listing on this site with full details. This chalet has repeat customers that book every year. 

This chalet has passed all the legal requirements needed to sublet and has

  • Gas & electric safety certificates
  • Smoke alarm
  • Fire extinguisher & blanket
  • CO2 monitor

Buy yourself a family holiday home and you can enjoy free holidays and also earn an income subletting as we have done for the last 4 years. We had to work hard to set our chalet up to meet all the subletting standards and develop a regular client base. You can just walk in and earn money while also enjoying free holidays. please see our prices and availability page to see the bookings we have for this year already.

For more information please leave us a message by using the contact form below

All the work setting up your holiday chalet has been done for you and your holiday chalet is already listed on the most successful website with an owners club for Clarach Bay Holiday Village.

Site fees are about £2,500 and we earn on average £5,000 from subletting after taking away other costs we usually clear £2,000 profit yearly. It depends how often you wish to hire out the chalet.

This website has with heavy traffic load for  people looking to hire private chalets and caravans at Clarach Bay Holiday Village. If you decide to purchase a holiday home from this page we will allow you to keep the web-page listing on this site free for one year. 




chalet for sale at Clarach Bay Holiday Village mid Wales