Clarach Bay Beach in December

Clarach Bay Beach in December

Walking on Clarach Bay Beach in December

I visited Clarach Bay in the  middle of December 2012 I took some photos to show that Clarach Bay beach is still one of the most beautiful places in the world when the sun shines. The picture below is of Clarach Bay Beach in the morning and what a beautiful day it was. The pictures below were all taken on Saturday 8th December 2012.


It was two weeks before the Mayan prophesy that the world would end on December 21st at 11.11am. However I am pleased to report that the world did not end and I can now share my photos and promote this beautiful area of west Wales near Aberystwyth.

Visitors to Clarach Bay and the surrounding areas was greatly reduced during 2012 as flooding around the Aberystwyth area and the dreadful summer weather put many people off coming to the many camp sites in the area. However Clarach Bay was not affected by the flooding although the river was very high at times during the summer. Unfortunately, news pictures of people being air lifted to safety gave the impression that the whole area was flooded. We need people to come back to the camp sites around Clarach and help lift profile of welsh the holiday park resort industry. 

Just look at the view looking down into clarach from the cliff top path. Again this picture was taken on 8th December. You can walk all the way to Borth along this path. It is one of the most peaceful walks and you get panoramic views of the sea and surrounding countryside all along the path. So come on people please come back to Clarach Bay you can book a beautiful little chalet or caravan at Clarach Bay Holiday Village. Please see Places to visit and Clarach Site Facilities. You can book a privately owned caravan or chalet from this website just take a look at at all the accommodations listed on our homepage.