Clarach Bay

Clarach Bay

Clarach Bay Beach near Aberystwyth Mid Wales

seafrontClarach Bay is the most beautiful little sheltered bay on the west coast of Wales. It is not your average sandy beach and I would argue that it has much more to offer the holiday maker than just sand and sea.

Rock Pools

Clarach Bay beach is a mix of sandy beach for sunbathing, shingle patches and rock pools. I find that one of the most interesting things about the beach is the fact that the sand and shingle shift with the tides. Consequently the layout of the beach can dramatically change daily. You never know what the beach will look like from day to day. The many rock pools and little cave like openings into the cliff will keep the children entertained for hours. Just remember to bring appropriate clothes and shoes plus buckets and spades.

River with Pool


Furthermore there is beautiful little river that runs through Clarach Bay Holiday Village Caravan Park. It runs under the bridge and into the sea at Clarach Bay Beach. However it slows down under the bridge and the mouth of the river widens to form a lovely little pool that is safe for the children to play. Many families bring little rubber dingies so that the children can sail safely on the pool. You can buy rubber dingies and buckets and spades from the on-site shops.


Seaside Award 2012

I am sure most parents with be pleased to know that Clarach Bay Beach has obtained the coveted seaside award 2012. Beaches selected for the Seaside Award will have attained the European Union standard of bathing water quality and will have satisfied the judges that the standard of the built infrastructure, the applicants’ environmental aspirations and overall beach management meets the high standard expected by the discerning visitor.

Life Guard Patrolled


During the peak season the right side of Clarach Bay Beach which is mainly sand is patrolled by Life Guards So children and adults can swim safely.

Beautiful Sunsets

Clarach sunset 2

Panoramic views

View into ClarachFrom Clarach Bay beach you have panoramic views of the surrounding sea and coastline and you can see Aberystwyth harbour to the left and Borth Harbour to the right.

Mountain walks

Walk to the right side of the beach and you cab walk up the mountain path to the top of Constitution Hill. Once at the top you can enjoy the most scenic panoramic views of the sea and coast. Amazingly there is a restaurant called The Consti Steak House at the top of the hill so no need to pack a lunch. More amazingly on the other side of the Consti Restaurant is the electric mountain railway and the train takes you very slowly down into Aberystwyth Town. The views from the electric train are breathtakingly beautiful believe me.

Sea Angling and River Fishing